г. Коломна
ул. Октябрьской Революции
д. 354а, 2-й этаж
Пн-Пт с 10:00 до 20:00
Сб-Вс с 10:00 до 16:00

Секреты отличного семейного отдыха от группы Gold Experience B1

Секреты отличного семейного отдыха от группы XPB1. Собираетесь в отпуск с семьей? Не хотите, чтобы он превратился в кошмар? Наши эксперты всегда рады помочь! Читайте советы специалистов и... have a nice holiday!

If you like travelling and want to have perfect holidays, our tips are for you!

Holiday Tips from Ivan Polyakov:

  1. Don’t take children ( they might disturb you)
  2. Don’t go to museums (it’s boring)
  3. Eat in MC Donald’s (it’s delicious)
  4. Watch a film.
  5. Visit somebody.

Holiday Tips from Nastya Ovsyannikova:

  1. Don’t go to boring museums (for example Museum of Ancient Cultures)
  2. Take your cool and colorful clothes and accessories (you’ll have great photos!)
  3. Take a camera ( to take cool photos or family photos)
  4. Learn some new words of the language of this country.
  5. Don’t go for a walk with your family (you can go for a walk with your new friends)

Holiday Tips from Nikita Leonov:

  1. Don’t swim in cold water (you might get ill)
  2. Don’t ride a bike in the mountains (it’s dangerous)
  3. Play football with your friends (to have fun)
  4. Take a mosquito spray (don’t let insects spoil your holidays)
  5. Don’t eat unknown fruit (especially if you suffer from allergy)

Holiday Tips from Diana Zimina:

  1. Go for a walk (you’ll have a great time)
  2. Try not to get allergy (or you might spend your holiday in hospital)
  3. Go to exhibitions (it’s really interesting)
  4. Take a sun cream (not to get burned)
  5. Learn some Spanish words (if you travel to a Spanish-speaking country)