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Необычные виды спорта, или как провести время нестандартно

Chess boxing, toe wrestling, extreme ironing… Это не просто набор слов, это увлекательные виды спорта, придуманные людьми из разных стран, чтобы посоревноваться и повеселиться одновременно! И мы не отстаем от мировых тенденций. Студенты из группы Next Move 2 организовали бюро спортивных инноваций, где активно разрабатывают новые, довольно необычные виды спорта.

“Washing kerling:

To do this sport you need a mop, a special stone and a uniform (special trainers, black jeans and an orange T-shirt). There are two players. They move the stone with the mop and wash the floor at the same time. To win you need to be the first to clean the floor very well and move the stone to the finish line”. Kira, Gosha, Sophie

Underwater judo:

To do this sport you need a rubber yellow costume and special pink shoes. There are two players. They fight under water in the swimming pool. They can use their arms and legs, but they fight only for 10 minutes. To win you need to put your opponent onto the bottom of the swimming pool. This sport is very exciting, but it’s very dangerous”. Yana, Alyona, Lyosha

Bad spaghetti race:

To do this sport you don’t need any uniform, you just need a fork. In this game there can be a lot of players. Their task is to eat untasty spaghetti from Papyrus, it’s not very fresh with the bug sauce. The winner is the person who can eat more spaghetti that other players, the time limit is 25 minutes”. Sophia, Sergey

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