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Любите ли вы кино так, как любим его мы?

Английская пословица гласит: «Many men, many minds». Cтуденты группы Next Move 2 выступили в роли кинокритиков и представляют вашему вниманию отзывы о своих любимых фильмах.


“My favourite film is Fast and Furious because I love action films. I usually watch it on TV. This film is brilliant.

Fast and Furious is about friends who steal expensive cars. But I like the part when they go to America and try to steal a lot of gold.

I like Fast and Furious because the characters of the film are very interesting and sometimes funny. The main character is Dominik Toretto. He is strong and brave. I like him very much because he’s really cool.

In my opinion, Fast and Furious is great because the special effects are amazing!” Kolya

“My favourite film is Adventure Time. It’s very interesting and funny. I’ve watched all 7 seasons because I really love animated films.

Adventure Time is the story of a human Finn and his dog Jake. They’re very good friends. Finn is the only human in the country. He’s tall and he always wears his favourite white hat. Jake is a yellow magic dog.

In my opinion, Adventure Time is the best animated film because it’s unusual and you laugh a lot.” Vika

“My favourite film is SpongeBob SquarePants. It’s a very interesting animated film. I watch it every day.

It’s about the sea animals that live in the underwater city Bikini Bottom and their adventures.

The main character of the cartoon is a sea sponge Bob. He lives in a pineapple house. He’s got a lot of friends. And his best friend is Patrick, it’s a pink starfish that lives under the stone. SpongeBob works in a café and likes his job very much.

In my opinion, this cartoon is really great because the characters are weird and funny.” Kirill

“My favourite film is Minions. It’s a wonderful animated film and it’s a comedy. I often watch this film with my family.

Minions is about adventures of small yellow creatures. They travel around the world and want to find a man to work for.

My sisters and I really like minion Bob. He’s small, but he’s so cute and funny. In my opinion, Minions is a great cartoon because the story is great and the jokes are brilliant!” Masha

“My favourite film is Bob the Builder. I like it very much because it’s very funny and interesting, it’s a cartoon. But my parents don’t like it.

Bob the Builder is an animated film about a human who builds different houses. The main characters are Bob the builder and alive cars that help him to build houses and make different projects.

In my opinion, Bob the Builder is an amazing cartoon and you can learn a lot from it!” Gleb

“My favourite film is The Trip to America. I often watch this film with my mum because we love comedies.

The Trip to America is about an African prince who comes to the USA to find a wife. He works in a café, he washes the floor, makes new friends and meets a good girl.

The main character of the film is Prince Akeem. He is handsome, clever and very rich. Eddie Murphy plays this part and he’s brilliant.

In my opinion, The Trip to America is an amazing film because the actors are great and the story is so funny and exciting.” Dasha

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