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A very serious "caterpillar" problem! People, help Helen and her son! What should they do?


I've got a problem! My son is crazy. He’s got a new pet, a caterpillar! I'm against the pet because it is so scary and hairy! It chews everything it sees! I think it’ll eat up our house! And it can be poisonous! But my son thinks it's okay. Help me!



I've got a problem. My mum and dad are against my new pet. It’s a caterpillar! They think it’s poisonous and they don’t like that it chews everything. But I think it's very nice, clever and will turn into a beautiful butterfly. Help me please!


Cоветы семейных психологов:

Hi, Andrey!

You should try to persuade your parents that caterpillars are cute.

Hi, Helen!

You should give lots of food to your son’s caterpillar and it won’t chew things from your house.

Ksenia, Family Psychologist.

Hi, Helen!

You should make Andrey learn from the books how to take care of caterpillars.

Dmitry, Family Psychologist.

Hi, Andrey!

A caterpillar can be poisonous. You should find a new pet.

Raphael, Family Psychologist.

Hi, Helen!

You should explain to your son that a caterpillar is not a good pet to keep it at home.

Anastasia, Family Psychologist.

Hi, Andrey!

You should get rid of the caterpillar.

Kirill, Family Psychologist.