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Граффити – не просто надписи на стене, это способ самовыражения

Сегодня студенты группы Discover 2 решили разобраться в непростом искусстве – граффѝти (да, да, ударение на второй слог!). Мы не только познакомились с различными стилями, но и попробовали себя в роли «художников улиц». Вот, что у нас получилось!

Graffiti is words and pictures drawn on the walls and other surfaces, usually in public places. Originally, graffiti was about political and social problems, but today it’s a very popular street art. That’s what our students think about it!
“I go to art school and I like drawing very much. I love graffiti because it’s cool! I want to create my own style. But my father doesn’t let me draw on the walls at home. That’s a pity!” Kirill
“Graffiti’s really beautiful! It’s easy to understand. It helps to express your ideas. There are different styles, but my favourite is 3D graffiti, especially in black and white.” Vasilisa
“Graffiti’s everywhere. I live in Shchurovo and there was a lot of graffiti on the walls of the garages – black and white and in colour. Most of it was about friends and music. I want to learn to draw graffiti, but it’s too expensive.” Masha