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Дом моей мечты!

My Dream House

Как выглядит ваш идеальный дом? Студенты группы Focus 2 не только описали его, но и нарисовали  план своего дома мечты. «Большой, уютный, светлый, много комнат» - таким оказался идеальный дом для студентов этой группы, хотя, конечно, каждый добавил свои детали к рисунку.

Sidorov Alexey

It is a typical cottage in a village. This house is made of wood and stone. In this house 2 or 3 people live. Inside I have a bedroom, a bathroom, a big attic, a relaxing room, 2 garages, 2 balconies, big stairs and kitchen. I have only 4 windows but there’s a lot of natural light. I’m sure my house is very cosy and so big. A family of 5 people will really like this house, I think.

Bezykornova Katya

My house is not big. It is made of natural materials. The design is modern.

Perhalskaya Kate

I want to live in a cottage in a big city. It’s made of brick. Inside there’s a patio and a swimming pool. In front of a cottage there’s a garage. My house is very cosy and full of light. In my house there are 5 rooms. There’s a living room, a relaxing room, a dining room, 2 bedrooms and a big kitchen. Three people live in my house: my grandmother, my mother and me.

Borisova Katya

It’s a cottage in the forest. Here a big family lives. There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms. There’s a big dining room,  a kitchen, a living room and a cellar. It’s made of stone. My house is cosy.

Hohlova Veronika

It’s a big mansion with 2 floors. It can be in a town for rich people. It’s made of brick. A family (a teenage girl and her parents) can live there. There’s a room for her hobbies, a bedroom for parents, a bathroom and some other rooms (a cellar with wine collection).

Ulisko Sofia

It’s a detached house with 2 floors and an attic. There are five rooms and on the attic there’s one play room. Also I’ve got a big pool and a balcony. As this house is quite big, I think it’s in the countryside. This house is for a big family.  Here you can see a lot of windows just because I love natural light. Also I have a library and a playroom for children.

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