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День тишины: отказ от гаджетов в группе Gold Experience B1

Чем заняться в День тишины, в День отказа от использования современных технологий? Студенты группы Gold Experience B1 делятся своими планами. Students of XP B1 and their plans for an Unplugged day.


I`m going to give up my cell phone. I always surf the Internet. That`s why it`ll be a big challenge for me. My mum will be happy as she always tells me that it`s bad for my eyes. This day I want to go to the park and meet my friends.


I`m going to give up my cell phone too. I think I can do it and I`ll be happy. I`m not going to stay at home this day. Lots of things to do: school classes, homework, English classes, etc.


Everyone tries to refuse different things. I`m going to give up my PC. It`s easy because it`s old and doesn`t work well.


I like playing computer games and I`m going to give up my computer. I`ll go for a walk with my friends.


This day I`m going to give up my mobile phone. I think it`s easy because I don`t use it a lot. I won`t spend this day at home. I`ll be at school till 5 p.m. and then I`ll do my homework. In the evening I can play basketball with my friends.